We’ll dive into how LaunchCDN compares to CloudBoss.Pro and explain why it’s worth signing up with LaunchCDN instead.

Why LaunchCDN Over CloudBoss.Pro?

LaunchCDN is an all inclusive product, including the server for hosting your WordPress site, the CDN and DNS. Everything has been automated and is included in the monthly price that you pay us. With CloudBoss, you need to connect your own accounts on Vultr and DigitalOcean, and then pay those providers separately for hosting your WordPress sites. Worse still, is that unless you want to create a footprint of all of your PBNs on the same IPs, then you’ll be paying $5 per site that you deploy.

This is a pricing model that we weren’t comfortable with, which is why we created LaunchCDN. We wanted to create a solution that has one monthly bill and can last the test of time, something we believed the current providers didn’t live up to.

The Benefits of LaunchCDN

There are a lot of benefits to using LaunchCDN, here are a few of the main points.

1. Genuine No Footprint Hosting

We host your websites on popular Content Delivery Networks which means your sites are hosted alongside 1000’s of other real businesses.

2. The Cheapest Provider

LaunchCDN is currently the most cost effective solution out of all the providers.

LaunchCDN 10 Domain Plan – $2.90/site per month LaunchCDN Larger Plans – $1.70/site per month

CloudBoss.Pro 10 Domain Plan – N/A They don’t actually provide hosting, they only provide a management system which costs $0.50/site per month

3. In-Built PBN Builder

Quickly get your PBNs up and running with our PBN builder that is in the LaunchCDN dashboard. Find out more information about it here.

4. All The Things You Would Expect…

  • Free Migrations
  • Trial Plan
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy & Free SSL Certificates
  • Easy Email Forwarding
  • Great 24/7 Support Team – Reply within 1 hour
  • Plenty of other great features included in the platform