LaunchCDN offers the full package, we offer the best PBN Hosting at the cheapest price, professional PBN website builds and Done-For-You packages. LaunchCDN is the easiest Private Blog Network Hosting service and allows you to host both WordPress and Static HTML sites.

Using popular CDN hosting, never deal with bad IP neighborhoods again, as your sites will be hosted with geographically diverse IPs alongside huge brands, in data centers all around the world.


Your Choice of CDNs

We use many popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare and to serve your web sites to the world. Hundreds of thousands of large sites are on these CDNs, and now your PBN can be as well.

No Server Footprints

We have gone to extensive lengths to make sure that we’ve removed all footprints from our hosting setup including: Using popular and unique Name Servers, IP Addresses from Popular CDNs, SOA Records, Configuring MX records for popular service providers on every domain and many more.

WordPress or Static HTML

LaunchCDN has been built to make it easy to host WordPress blogs. We include one-click login to your WordPress Admin panel from our Dashboard on a tuned and secure environment for WordPress. Or, you can choose to host PHP or HTML sites with FTP access.

E-Mail Forwarding

We also set up a free e-mail forwarding address on each domain that you host with us, or give you the option to set the MX records for popular mail hosting services including FastMail, Zoho, Yandex, and many more.

Free SSL Certificates

All of the CDN Providers that we’ve partnered with offer Free SSL Certificates to secure your WordPress site. Just pick the “https” option when deploying your blogs, and we’ll make sure that your site is set up with a Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare, ZeroSSL or Let’s Encrypt.

We're Here for You

Our system has been built to be completely self-service, including automated deployments of WordPress and automated upgrades with pro-rata charging. That being said, if you do need support, we offer 24x7 support via support tickets or e-mail, with 15 minute average first response time.

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CDN Partners Include

“I really love LaunchCDN! Your Customer Service is honestly one of the best I have ever experienced and you make things super easy for me.”

Lennart D.

“I've been using LaunchCDN for over a year now I think and it's hands-down my favourite service for hosting PBN's, it's the simplicity of the dashboard that does it for me... AND being able to use https with a simple click, big thumbs up!”

Tom D.

“LaunchCDN has one of the best customer support teams I have ever worked with! I am huge on support from companies I do business with. If I have any questions, problems or concerns, I can always reach out to their support team and have my question answered within a few hours. The service is also outstanding. I never have to worry about sites being down! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build a PBN or manage a good amount of websites!”

Nicholas W.

“LaunchCDN is simplicity on steroids. Gone are the days of dealing with overpriced hosting services. Sure the most popular big services will offer you a teaser rate for the first year and then hammer your wallet on renewal. I moved twice before I discovered LaunchCDN. My only complaint is with me not finding them sooner. There is a saying: Fast, Good or Cheap, pick any two. With LaunchCDN you get all three. My developer had our sites transferred quickly and not a single moment of trouble. Money and headaches saved. 5 Stars!”

Mark H.

“I've been using Launch CDN for well over 3 months now and have only great things to say. In this digital game customer service seems to take a back seat, but Kevin and the Team have gone above and beyond! Awesome service with no issues.”

Daniel H.

“Fantastic service that surpassed my expectations by far. Fast server load times and fantastic support! Thanks LaunchCDN!”

Marc M.