PBN Hosting
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Our PBN Hosting Features

Your Choice of CDNs

We use many popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare and StackPath (MaxCDN) to serve your web sites to the world. Hundreds of thousands of large sites are on these CDNs, and now your PBN can be as well.

No Server Footprints

We have gone to extensive lengths to make sure that we’ve removed all footprints from our hosting setup including: Using popular and unique Name Servers, IP Addresses from Popular CDNs, SOA Records, Configuring MX records for popular service providers on every domain and many more.

WordPress or Static HTML

LaunchCDN has been built to make it easy to host WordPress blogs. We include one click login to your WordPress Admin panel from our Dashboard on a tuned and secure environment for WordPress. Or, you can choose to host static HTML sites and get FTP access.

Email Forwarding

We also set up a free e-mail forwarding address on each domain that you host with us, or give you the option to set the MX records for popular mail hosting services including FastMail, Zoho, Yandex, and many more.

Free SSL Certificates

A number of the CDN Providers that we’ve partnered with offer Free SSL Certificates to secure your WordPress site. Just pick the “https” option when deploying your blogs, and we’ll make sure that your site is set up with a Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt.

Excellent Support

Our system has been built to be completely self-service, including automated deployments of WordPress and automated upgrades with pro-rata charging. That being said, if you do need support, we offer 7 day support via support tickets or e-mail.

What is PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting, otherwise known as Private Blog Network Hosting allows you to host a large number of websites on separate IP addresses. It utilizes multiple hosting services to help protect your websites from search engines and diversify hosting providers using cloud hosting and other methods.

At LaunchCDN we use several of the most popular Content Delivery Networks to provide you with premium IP addresses from providers including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, StackPath and Verizon – but without the huge amount of technical knowledge that is usually associated with setting up and deploying those services correctly. As a customer of LaunchCDN, you get access to deploy your sites on those Content Delivery Networks, with one-click simplicity.

PBN Packages

Complete Done-For-You option. We find domain names, host, then build the PBN websites.
Pricing from $750 for 5 sites.

PBN Website Building

Professional looking site builds at affordable prices. Get up and running quickly!
Pricing from $35 per site.

About Our PBN Hosting

Do you want to improve your website SEO? Did you know that it has a lot to do with your hosting provider?

The choice of a hosting provider is essential, unless you'd like to experience a drop in your rankings. So, if you are looking for a PBN hosting provider you’re at the right place.

When it comes to PBNs, choosing the best professional provider is important if you want it to be successful and safe - not to mention that this way, your Private Blog Network will look natural and unique and won’t be discoverable by search engines.

We are about to help you understand better what a Private Blog Network really is and why you should choose LaunchCDN as your PBN hosting provider.

Why Choose LaunchCDN's PBN Hosting?

Traditionally people set up their own shared hosting servers and host their Private Blog Networks themselves across a number of different hosting providers. This is a good way of doing it and will mostly protect you from the main footprints, however it becomes incredibly costly and requires a lot of time to manage. That's why using an all in one hosting platform such as LaunchCDN is the preferred option for many SEOs.

The thing you need to be aware of, however, is that a PBN is a grey hat SEO technique, so it's essential to make it as authentic as possible. Since it isn't accepted by Google, we at LaunchCDN will make sure that your PBN hosting has no footprints. We have a large amount of infrastructure behind the scenes but putting a CDN layer over the top of your hosting masks the main IP address making it much safer.

Our hosting plan is reliable, keeping your PBN sites safe, while giving you the best performance and support at the same time. We also know it’s very important that the different sites from your network are built on different platforms, with varying templates. For instance, you should avoid building all of your sites with WordPress. This way you'll leave a footprint, which can be easily picked up by search engines.

At LaunchCDN we accept many niches that other hosting providers don't allow including Casino and other niches. Feel free to get in touch with our team to see if you can host your Private Blog Network with us.

We also have the option of Done-For-You PBN packages and we make sure that the PBN domains are high quality. Choosing a domain name with a bad rep is a major drawback, and can result in rankings dropping drastically. Also, choosing similar domain names for your network is important, in order to stay ahead of your competitors in your niche industry.

Why Is a PBN Hosting Provider Important?

A PBN hosting provider can handle all of the potential footprints that non-experienced people wouldn't recognise. At LaunchCDN, the management of these different websites and accounts is all handled through CDNs and it doesn’t leave server-side footprint. We offer cheap hosting for PBN services while providing quality and fast results which is what every PBN owner looks for.

There are many regular retail hosting companies to pick from, but an important thing to keep in mind is that the best PBN hosting providers will offer you different IP addresses for all of the websites in your PBN. Also, they won't use shared hosting to make your PBN easy to discover. Shared hosting setups can work if done in the right way, any it's how many private blog network providers structure their hosting. You need to make sure your network PBN is diversified across not just one hosting plan but multiple, which is why PBN hosting companies come in handy.

If you choose LaunchCDN as your hosting provider, you’ll get all of this and the ability to manage everything from one dashboard. This is a practical feature which will save you time and effort. All of our features and services come for an affordable price, compared to our competitors. We offer opportunities for scalability as well, so if your business grows overnight, LaunchCDN will offer you full support.

PBN Hosting Providers with a CDN

LaunchCDN is a PBN hosting provider that offers you the possibility to host your PBN on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A Content Delivery Network is a network of edge servers that duplicate the content from your origin server in order to present the content to global users and customers as fast as possible.

Using a CDN will provide security for your origin server and a faster loading time of your websites. It will also make Google happy, all of your websites will be hosted on global IP addresses, making your PBN safe. With LaunchCDN we give you a number of options for CDN providers you can deploy to.

How Is SEO Hosting Different from PBN Hosting?

SEO hosting refers to hosting your websites on IP addresses from different classes: A, B, and C. While changing the class, everything else can stay the same: the company, the server, and the nameserver. Even though this type of hosting used to work in the past, nowadays it has many more disadvantages.

While SEO hosting may sound like an affordable and easy way to control options accessible through your cPanel, it gives you less diversity than PBN hosting. PBN hosting solutions are all about variety, giving you access to IPs and nameservers from a range of providers.

If you disregard all of this and choose to create your own PBN and host it on a single hosting provider, this can be fatal for your business, and result in you making no progress at all. So, PBN hosting will help you create real-looking websites that will bring value and provide your money site some much-needed link juice. A quality hosting provider will make sure every website of your network is equally important - and that’s the only way you can ensure the safety of your network.

Many PBN hosts now offer cloud hosting options which can be much safer when done correctly. There are a range of different hosting options out there so it's important to look at the PBN hosts and work out exactly what these hosting companies are offering. Cloud Hosting can be great but it all depends on the implementation, so ask your hosting provider lots of questions!

Final Considerations

Building a PBN is an effective way to improve your SEO rankings. Your Private Blog Network will be your link building strategy in every competitive industry. The following things are important for your PBN to be successful:

  • If you choose a PBN to increase your online exposure, you'll have control over what links you'll get to your money site. You can change your PBN site at any time, update it with new content or add new links, you aren't reliant on the webmaster to update it for you. A PBN site is also an affordable option that will help you save money on other marketing strategies, such as email outreach techniques, guest posting, etc.
  • Choosing a PBN hosting provider is the most important choice you'd have to make when it comes to PBNs. After you check out the price of each provider, their premium packages, and also check the services and features which you get after you register. If you are looking for hosting on regular retail hosts using cPanel access then we recommend checking out our other service Bulk Buy Hosting.
  • If you choose LaunchCDN that utilizes CDN's, you'll get the best results and be able to scale quickly. This alternative makes it very difficult for search engines to recognize any networks or connections between your sites. The Content Delivery Network works through edge servers by delivering the content from your website to your global users as quickly as possible. The content is delivered by the server which is geographically closest to the user.
  • You have to be aware that SEO hosting and PBN hosting are two different terms with different meanings. Through SEO hosting, your website will be hosted on different class C IP addresses. This is quite a simple method to get SEO results, while being able to reach all of your websites through one account. SEO Hosting is very risky and a type of hosting plan that isn't recommended. PBN hosting is much safer, at LaunchCDN we use in-depth infrastructure to protect your sites so you can focus on growing your portfolio of sites.
  • Make sure you don't cut costs at any phase, once you get more experienced with creating PBNs you'll work out how to reduce your costs. Spending good money on your PBN domains is recommended as it is an incredibly important part of creating successful private blog networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a PBN?

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a collection of websites that have the purpose of building authority and providing backlinks for your money sites. Whenever your money site receives backlinks, you’ll get a boost in the SERPs - the most basic goal of every website that allows it to improve its SEO results, and increase its profit and sales.

PBNs give you control over the links to your money site. This marketing technique enables you to be in charge when and how many links you'll get - unlike guest posting or email outreach techniques where you seek assistance and approval from others.

What's the benefit of PBN Hosting?

Often people have a large Private Blog Network consisting of 100's or 1000's of PBN sites. Managing all of these PBN sites can become incredibly time intensive, you have to constantly manage the PBN hosting accounts as well as making sure your PBN domains don't expire. Sometimes people opt to find a cheap hosting company and manage all of their PBN hosting in one account but this causes a huge footprint and will likely get them penalized.

The next solution they'll try is finding a number of shared hosting plans. Purchasing and managing each hosting plan becomes problematic and very costly, if done correctly it costs around 5-10x the amount of regular PBN hosting solutions.

This is how PBN hosting solutions came about, unfortunately the early ones only consisisted of PBNs offering cheap hosting using variations of class IP and getting money sites penalized. But now there are better services such as LaunchCDN which provides a healthy hosting environment for your network PBN.

How Does LaunchCDN Hosting Keep My Sites Safe?

Many services don't use Content Delivery Networks to help hide your network, we have this extra layer of protection so the IP address for your site is different depending on the location it's accessed from.

The hosting providers we use have a huge amount of IP addresses in the hundreds of thousands so your PBN sites will be appear hosted alongside a large number of regular websites. At LaunchCDN we have set up our hosting so there are zero footprints, while other services might claim to be a "zero footprint" service this isn't the case as they host their own VPS servers so you get an IP address which only consists of PBNs and creates a bad IP neighborhood.

What Are Class IPs?

A class IP is often referred to in PBN hosting, it's essenially a type of IPv4 Address. There are 4 types, A Class IP, B Class IP, C Class IP & D Class IP. C Class IPs are most commonly used for hosting private blog networks and allow for a large variation of individual IP addresses. However, each IP address can be very similar and many SEOs believe C-Class IPs to be a potential footprint.