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Building Service

By investing in your own private blog network, you can significantly increase your company’s digital presence by boosting your website’s search engine ranking. At LaunchCDN, we can help grow your business through our comprehensive private blog network building service.

The process of our service:
1. Choose a domain hosting plan, with options from 10-1000 domains.
2. Start hosting your domains. You can source your own domains from whichever provider you prefer to use, you can view our recommendations.
3. Use our in-built PBN Builder to order a website build and get up and running quickly. You can easily access this from your dashboard once you’ve added a domain.

Our pricing is incredibly affordable with PBN Hosting from $1.70/site and PBN Building from $35/site.

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Why Choose Our Private Blog Network Service?

We add value for our clients by offering to simplify building and expanding, as well as provide hosting options for their private blog networks. In giving you one accessible platform where you can manage all of your PBN needs, you get to focus your resources on what is truly important to you.

Unlike so many other PBN service providers, you’re in complete control, we allow you to pick your own domain names for your PBN websites. This allows you to modify and close in on the niche of your network which enables you to optimize your websites for SEO. As a result, you get the opportunity to include keywords and to choose the length of all your PBN domain names.

Furthermore, our private blog network building services include a comprehensive list of expandable options to choose from that will ensure optimal online growth.

Some of the PBN builds expandable options include:

  • Premium themes and plugins
  • High-quality content
  • Web design by WordPress experts
  • Creative logo design and banner placement
  • Beautiful stock images and videos
  • Your choice of CMS

We know safety is a priority for you, which makes it a priority for us too. Therefore, we only choose Content Delivery Network providers that are well known, reliable and safe when it comes to hosting PBNs. In contrast with many of our competitors, we don’t make use of a Dedicated IP when it comes to delivering hosting services to our clients.

What Our PBN Building Service Can Offer You

A Simplified Order Form

Placing a detailed PBN build order does not have to be an arduous or time-consuming process. We have carefully constructed our order form to provide you with all the options you need to accurately brief us on your unique PBN vision.

By ticking off various checklist items and filling us in on your company’s unique needs, we can provide you with a range of customized and effective PBN solutions.

Your Own Domain Names

We know what an integral step choosing the right domain name can be when building a website. That is why we allow you to pick your own domain names when it comes to your private blog network.

We’ve found that other PBN building services can’t effectively provide you with quality domain names, we won’t force you to take existent domains that might not be suitable. Instead, we allow you to choose domain names that are suited to your niche and incorporate your brand-specific keywords.

Beautifully Built Websites

We employ a team of Udemy certified WordPress experts to carefully construct all of our private blog networks using a CMS of your choice. Our high-quality, premium themes and plugins allow us to set up PBNs without leaving any digital footprints.

By focusing on diversifying the layout of the web pages and content, we will be able to present you with authentic looking websites and ensure the security of your PBN in equal measure.

Unique Content

We pride ourselves in being able to provide all our clients with handwritten, unique content as part of our PBN service.

Furthermore, if you are in need of continual content creation, we can leverage unique articles from to ensure your money site gets the necessary backlinks and SEO support it needs.

In addition to blog content, we provide homepage content, and default webpage content suited to any other priority page on your PBN site.

Hosting Services

After we create your PBN and populate it with compelling and catchy content, our private blog network service also includes web hosting. By making use of our PBN hosting dashboard, we give you access to all of your accounts on one platform.

This makes managing your websites extremely time-efficient and effortless. Furthermore, our hosting is done via Content Delivery Networks which ensure variation in server IP addresses used when hosting your websites.

Professional Logo Design

When designing a brand, the overall feel of a company is encapsulated in the quality and thought put into the company logo. Similarly, when creating a successful private blog network, every website has to come across as believable and authoritative in order to be of true value.

One way to successfully do this is to invest in each logo design of every website in your PBN. To represent your company holistically, we pair our professionally designed logos with natural banner placements on all of the web pages of your websites.

In this prime design example, we made sure that the logo of Quantum Network truly captured what the website represented by incorporating suitable imagery combined with colours that showcase professionalism and expertise.

High-Quality Stock Images And Videos

High-quality stock images and videos help to breathe new life into web pages and create an overarching theme which helps to solidify a website’s image. At LaunchCDN, our private blog network building service will provide your websites with the relevant, visual content it needs to truly come alive to readers.

In the following example, we used creative vector images throughout the website to illustrate the points made in various important content segments. However, we also made use of stock images which helped to create balance and to give the website a creative but professional theme.

A Range Of Default Web Pages

Our PBN services include creating a range of default web pages commonly found on all websites. This includes the Home page, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, About Us and the Contact page.

We also create relevant forms needed on these pages and add quality content that speaks specifically to your readers.

However, we aren’t limited to these categories. In this example, we expanded the website by adding a News and Healthy Living page to educate readers on healthier lifestyle choices.

What Makes Successful PBN Builds

The success of a private blog network is based primarily in the network’s ability to establish itself as authentic and authoritative. This means that all of the websites within the network should rate quite highly when it comes to trust flow and have lots of positive signals.

Good site metrics like these ensure great backlinks to your money site which will increase its domain authority. Furthermore, making use of different IP addresses when it comes to hosting servers will increase the overall safety of your PBN. This will allow you to expand your network without the risk of getting deindexed.

Benefits Of Owning Your Own PBN

Being in charge of your own PBN gives you total power over ensuring quality linking to your money site.

This will allow you to grow the search engine ranking of your website in a controlled but organic way. Consequently, you will drive more traffic to your site which can lead to more brand recognition and higher rates of conversion.

Although investing in a PBN does require valuable resources, the results truly speak for themselves. Instead of reaching out to other trusted sites to request a backlink to your money site, you can invest that time into crafting PBN content exactly to your liking and do it yourself.

CDN Providers That Your Sites Will Be Hosted On

At LaunchCDN, we only make use of Content Delivery Networks from trusted providers. This means that we do not own the IP addresses of the servers hosting your private blog network.

In fact, these servers are located in data centres around the world which host thousands of sites on the same group of IP addresses. As a result, any footprints leading back to your PBN are effectively wiped away.

Some of the trusted providers we make use of include Amazon CloudFront, Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, StackPath and Verizon.

PBN Building FAQ’s

Can I Get A Revision Or A Refund?

It is important to note that after delivering your order that we allow up to one revision request. However, we won’t be able to refund you if you change your mind midway through the order, or if you decide to pull your order entirely. Therefore, be sure to put the time into researching your niche and PBN needs so you are able to provide us with in-depth building brief.

Can I Get More Than One Revision?

After your first free revision or the initial support period of 30 days, any further changes to our work will be billed at $40 per hour.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Order?

On average, we take between seven and ten business days after the payment is received to finalize a PBN building order. However, the completion of an order may be a bit delayed if we experience hosting or website login difficulties.

Do You Accommodate Rush Orders?

For rush orders, we have a 48-hour delivery window after we received your payment. However, it is important to note that all rush orders will be billed extra.

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