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Our Done For You Packages

Base PBN Packages

Starting from $750 for 5 sites

All Sites Include:

Non-Dropped Auction Domains

25+ Referring Domains

2+ Years Of Age

Optional Non-English Translations

Broad Niche Relevance


Premium PBN Packages

Starting from $2900 for 5 sites

All Sites Include:

Non-Dropped Auction Domains

100+ Referring Domains

2+ Years Of Age

Optional Non-English Translations

Broad Niche Relevance*


*Note: This can only be done for some
niches. Niches such as Adult, Gambling
and others are incredibly hard to find
niche relevant domains for.

Looking to host your own PBN websites?

By investing in your own private blog network, you can significantly increase your company’s digital presence by boosting your website’s search engine ranking. At LaunchCDN, we can help grow your business through our comprehensive private blog network building service.

The process of our service:

Done For You

1. Choose between our basic and premium packages.
2. We’ll choose a domain name, set up the hosting then build the PBN website ready for you to use in whichever way you wish.

Do It Yourself

1. Choose a domain hosting plan, with options from 10-1000 domains.
2. Start hosting your domains. You can source your own domains from whichever provider you prefer to use, you can view our recommendations.
3. Use our in-built PBN Builder to order a website build and get up and running quickly. You can easily access this from your dashboard once you’ve added a domain.

Our pricing is incredibly affordable with PBN Hosting from $1.70/site and PBN Building from $35/site with our 30% member discount.

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Why Choose Our Private Blog Network Service?

If you are fairly new to SEO you might have heard of PBNs and how they can be used to superpower your rankings. A PBN is, in fact, a network of many websites that has the sole purpose of providing authority and high rankings to your main website. Creating a PBN is an effective method to get authority, instead of doing an outreach email marketing technique which will require backlinks from other websites.

However, what’s tricky when creating a PBN is that you have to avoid getting caught by the search engines. This means that if a search engine discovers that you’re trying to obtain a “false sense” of authority to your main website through a PBN, you’ll get penalized and risk the health of your SEO. So, if you don’t want to let that happen, it’s wiser to let professionals create a professional PBN for you, instead of taking a risk on your own. 

If you let us do the whole thing for you from the very start, you can erase that worst-case-PBN-scenario that’s probably running in your head. Creating a unique PBN can unleash your website’s potential for organic traffic and high earnings, if you pursue it in the right way. 

For that reason, our offer includes the whole package – sourcing domains, building websites and hosting them. You don’t have to worry about anything until your PBN is “handed” over to you. Up until that point, it’s our responsibility to deliver a complete PBN package so all you’ll have to be concerned with is your main website and seeing it grow. 

Our quality services are available at an affordable price. Here’s a whole list of the features you’ll get if you choose to build your PBN with LaunchCDN:

  • A domain hosting plan which can hold up to 1000 domains (the choice is up to you, and depends on the money you are planning to invest in your PBN and the growth you are expecting to experience).
  • We source the domain names for you, so you can avoid all the hassle (you can also choose your own domain names and just use our hosting service).
  • Using our PBN Builder we create websites in a very short period of time (we are quick and effective, satisfying your particular needs and desires).
  • Once the domain and hosting are added to the website you can access it through your dashboard and it can start running (you’ll have it all on one platform and you can handle things however you want).

What Our PBN Building Service Can Offer You

First of all, we make sure that all of your needs concerning the PBN build are met. There aren’t any other services that offer the full package. This means that if you pick LaunchCDN to be your PBN provider we’ll make the whole process as easy as possible for you, so you won’t have to put much money or energy into it. On top of everything, you’ll also get a quality service that will get you your money’s worth.

We’ll do the whole PBN building process for you, regardless of whether you choose to be involved or not. LaunchCDN will also provide you with one platform where you’ll have control over all the details concerning your PBN. You can choose whether to pick your own domain names or leave that to us. 

Also, you are free to use our hosting and scale up your websites as fast as you’d like. If you want us to build your PBN websites it can often take a little longer because we are very thorough when we choose the domain names. 

Our service is not like what other industry competitors will offer you, because unlike with them, with LaunchCDN you have the control to make your websites SEO friendly. 

You can create and choose your domain names which can be either brandable or rich in keywords. Other than this option which provides you the opportunity to provide a greater SEO ranking for every site in your PBN, we also provide the following services in the price:

  • High quality and original content for your websites in order to get recognized for authenticity
  • Different web design for every site, done by WordPress experts. We guarantee that the sites from your PBN won’t look similar at all. 
  • Hand-picked stock images and videos
  • Premium themes and a range of plugins
  • Expert logo design and banner placement
  • Content management system (CMS) by your choice
  • PBN safety

The last point, the safety of your PBN is of greatest importance to us, since it’s not a PBN if it’s not safe and secure. Therefore, the hosting that we provide for your PBN will be by Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) which are going to provide a different IP address for every one of your websites. This way your network of websites will be safe from getting recognized by search engines and you’ll obtain a high SEO ranking. The CDNs we use to host your websites are reliable, safe, and well-known. 

Why Are Our PBNs Successful? 

How will you make a distinction between a Private Blog Network which is successful and one which is a total failure?

You don’t really focus on the PBNs itself, but the results those PBNs are getting for your website. The two things that every PBN should definitely consist of, without any exception, are security and authenticity. We highly recommend using Matt Diggity’s blueprint when testing your PBNs, point them at specific pages on competitor websites and track the ranking changes over a period of time.

Once the websites of a PBN are secure and unique, the network will do its job of establishing high SEO rank and authority. These two characteristics which help your PBN not get discovered by search engines as a connected network are what will make your PBN successful. 

If all of the websites which are part of your PBN are recognized as positive, credible and worthy, then your main website will have profit. Backlinks to your main website will redirect all the readers from your PBN to your main website, providing it credits and authority. The PBNs we build are safe from getting deindexed because we use our footprint free hosting solution.

A Detailed Overview of Our PBN Building Services

If you’re considering building a PBN with us, here’s a more detailed overview of all the features and benefits you’ll be getting with our service: 

A Simple Order Form

We offer you a simple form which you’ll have to fill in to order a custom PBN. However, don’t be scared that this will take tons of time and will be very complicated. Our brief order form only includes the information we need, so you can get a specialized service, customized to your preference.

Fresh Content

Nobody wants to get to a website that has loads of outdated, copied, plagiarized or useless content. That’s why providing updated and original content should be the primary goal of every website building provider. 

We provide original and unique content specifically created for every website of your PBN. The content we offer covers the homepages, landing pages, resources, and blog articles for the websites in your network. We look at the web archive version of the old website and merge the new topic with the old topic.

Domain Names According to Your Preference

Choosing the right domain names is a very important step for the overall “online future” of your websites. Our team can do it all for you, we’ll choose domains that we think will work best for your niche. We differ from other PBN building providers because we don’t choose unsuitable domain names just for the sake of creating a website. We pick the domain names for you that have power and history to create a healthy network of sites.

Authentic Websites

The whole idea around building a website that is part of a PBN is authenticity! 

Our WordPress experts will create professional websites for your PBN. Every website is created differently, meaning that you’ll get a lot of variety in the templates and themes for your sites. These will make it unrecognizable that they are a part of a PBN, ensuring you coverage from search engines and potentially high SEO rankings and authority for your main website.

We care about the security of your PBN throughout the entire process of creating the websites which will form your network, as safety is key in creating a successful PBN.

Hosting Service

After creating your websites we also host them. We use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that allow your websites to have different IP addresses, just so there isn’t any distinguishable connection between them, and they are all considered separate websites. The only thing that your websites should have in common is backlinks, which will give your main website authority. 

After all of this is established, we provide you a PBN hosting dashboard where you can access all of your websites through one platform. The ability to manage all of your websites from one account is essential for the success of your enterprise, as it saves you both time and money. 

Creative Logo Design

Since the logo is one of the most important things for any brand, we make sure that every website of your PBN has a professional logo design. Our experts take the time to design a logo that will fit in the story of the website and look as authentic as possible. This will add to the credibility and authority of your website and your overall PBN. Our logo designs go together with banner placement to all the web pages of your website.

Appealing Images and Videos

In order for your websites to be credible and appealing, we use high-quality stock images and videos. The creative vector images we have used for a website from a PBN are visuals created just in order to create a connection between the web pages of the website. We make sure all the images or videos that are added to your site are relevant to the theme and industry. 

Several Web Pages

The websites we create for your PBN don’t only have one landing page, but rather consist of default web pages like other websites. Some of the default web pages include a Home page, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, Blog, About Us and Contact Us Page. All of the information and content which is added to these pages will be relevant to the readers. 

What Can You Get from Choosing Your Own PBN?

We offer you the opportunity to have a whole package service while having control and “owning” your own PBN. Being in charge of your PBN means that, ultimately, you’re in charge of your SEO, and you can take an organic approach to growing your traffic, improving branding and reaching high rates of conversion.

Many will be skeptical about PBNs as a shortcut to great SEO results. The main reason for this is that new website owners are usually concerned about their organic traffic as well as the investment rates and the security of a PBN. 

However, once you check out the successful results of PBNs, you’ll see that it’s definitely worth a try. 

Using a PBN is a better way to get an SEO ranking, and it’s a great alternative to the tedious job of reaching out to other sites in the endless quest for backlinks. Link-building means more money, time and effort put into an email outreach technique that might not bring you fruitful results. 

At the end of the day, it’s way easier to invest your resources into a reliable PBN, which will definitely provide backlinks to your main website. 

Which CDN Providers Will Your PBN Sites Be Hosted On?

Sometimes the greatest concern shouldn’t be the PBN itself, but the many features that a PBN actually depends on and cannot go without. The server that your PBN is hosted on and the IP addresses of your websites are very important for the speed, security, and features you’ll have on your websites. 

In order to host your PBN websites and use a variety of IP addresses, at LaunchCDN we use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) which are reliable and from trusted providers. The globally located CDNs will lead back to your PBN leaving no footprints. Therefore, your PBN will be secure from being discovered by the search engines. 

The CDN providers which we use for hosting your PBN are StackPath, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, Verizon & more.

PBN Building FAQs

How Effective Is a PBN?

According to statistics, about 75% of the websites which get a PBN will see an improvement in their rankings in about 1 month. Therefore, a PBN is considered one of the most effective ways to get a higher authority quickly.

What’s the Minimum of Sites I Need to Have in my PBN?

When it comes to the minimum number of websites in your PBN, there is no rule which you’ll have to follow. It depends on a number of factors, including your competition and goals. Some target keywords might only need 3-5 PBNs whereas others could be much more competitive and require over 30.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a LaunchCDN Order?

The order form is very simple and yet designed to get the most out of your preferences and needs. If you are just ordering a PBN Build, it will take 7-10 days. If you are ordering a full PBN package it can take up to 4 weeks as we spend more time choosing good non-expired domain names (which are hard to find). 

Is There an Option for a Rush Order?

Yes, there is for PBN Builds. If you simply cannot wait and need a PBN website built  as soon as possible, then we have a special option you can choose. It’s a 48-hour delivery window which starts once we have received the payment. For PBN packages we don’t allow rush orders.

Do I Have the Right to Get a Revision?

After we have delivered your order, you have the right for one revision request. If you wish for a refund once the process is started or completed.

Can I Get More Than One Revision?

You have an initial support period of 30 days where our support will be available for all your questions and concerns. After the first free revision, our team will charge extra. 

Therefore, make sure to use all that we offer in the 30-day period in order not to spend more.

Are Other People Allowed to Post on My Sites?

Once we create the PBN for you and have received a payment from you, all of the websites will be effectively your property. This means that nobody else will post to your websites if you don’t allow it. When we are building the sites they will never be used for the purpose of somebody’s else’s marketing goals.

How Many PBN Package Sites Can I Order?

Currently our largest PBN Package size is 20 websites, it takes longer to fill the order the larger it is. For custom orders contact our support team.

What If I Want to Cancel My Monthly Payments?

If you cancel your monthly payment, then the sites which are hosted by us will no longer have that service available. 

Can I Monetize My Site?

Yes, of course you can monetize your site – and in the best way that suits you. You can easily place AdSense, Amazon or a CPA offer on the websites. However, it’s not recommended to leave a footprint because that will compromise your SEO ranking, which is the purpose of the PBN in the first place.

How Frequent Should the Posts on My PBN Be?

In order to keep your websites fresh, posting once a month is normal. Nevertheless, you can publish as much content as you like and if possible more frequent than that.

Free 7 Day PBN Course

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