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Every PBN Hosting service likes to say that they offer “Zero Footprints”, but there’s always the issue of the IP addresses that they’re using to host your sites on. Because there’s other PBN users on those IPs, there’s always the risk of sites on those IPs getting deindexed. That is, of course, until we released LaunchCDN.

  • SOA Records: The SOA records are the default for each of our DNS providers, and we never leak your IP address via the SOA record. Sites hosted on Amazon will get Amazon’s default SOA record, the same with Cloudflare and other third party DNS providers that we use.
  • Name Servers: We use popular DNS providers, with Amazon Route 53 and Cloudflare both randomising the name servers that you get for each domain, and our other DNS hosting providers having many thousands of domains on their name servers, so your sites will blend in with the crowd.
  • Data Center Footprints: Using CDNs allows us to avoid data center footprints, as your sites will automatically be hosted in all of the data centers that we have access to via those CDN providers – this means that they will appear to be hosted in the closest data center to the end user, and this shifts based on their location.
  • IP Ownership: LaunchCDN doesn’t own any of the IP addresses that we serve your sites on, and we don’t use any dedicated IPs to serve your sites to the public. Your sites will always appear to be coming from the CDN provider that you choose when you deploy the site. These include Amazon Cloudfront, Cloudflare, StackPath, Verizon, and more.
  • No Dedicated IPs or Virtual Private Servers: Some of our competitors use Virtual Private Servers from cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr, claiming that your site will be alongside popular sites. What they don’t tell you is that they have a dedicated IP, which means that the only web sites on those IPs are their customer’s sites, which creates a “bad neighborhood” and increases the chances that your site will be deindexed.
  • Outbound Connections are Masked: We also mask all outbound connections from your WordPress sites, so that they are never tied to the underlying server using rotating IP addresses for the outbound connections from your WordPress site.
  • Mail Server (MX) Records: Unlike one of our competitors, when we deploy the DNS records for your domains, we also set up either Mail Forwarding through popular providers or let you set the MX records for email providers including FastMail, Zoho and Yandex. Not having MX records for your domain is a nasty footprint that we’ve made sure to avoid.

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