Best Email Providers for SEOs

As an SEO, you will want to have a professional e-mail hosting setup that allows you to use the domains for all of your money sites (and potentially your PBNs too).

And if you’re at all concerned with getting a penalty from Google, you’ll want to avoid using Gmail and Google Apps, and instead choose a premium email hosting provider.

It’s also important to have unique email addresses to use for your PBN domains, in order to to remove any potential footprints that could connect all of your domains back to you. Forwarding all those emails to one central inbox is the easiest and fastest way to maintain and keep up to date with your domain management.

Email services that support Aliases, which are secondary addresses that come to the same inbox, are the best way to create multiple personas without the hassle of constantly signing up and managing hundreds of email accounts. After all, you will need to have a working e-mail address for each domain you register, and putting them all on the one domain is a huge footprint that you’ll want to avoid.

Look no further, as we’ve done all the hard work to compile a list of popular email providers including how many aliases you get with each account, so you can find the best email services for your needs.

LaunchCDN also supports setting the MX and SPF records required to host your e-mail with a number of these providers, if you would rather use a third party e-mail service than the e-mail forwarding options that we offer which are supplied via popular providers.

ProviderPriceCustom DomainsDisk Space# of AliasesForwarding?Inactivity Period
Fastmail$3/$5/$9 per month or $30/$50/$90 pear yearYes2GB to 100GB600 per accountYes30 days of non-payment
Rackspace$2.99 per monthYes25GB per accountUnlimitedYes30 days of non-payment
OutlookFree - Premium starts at $19.95/yearNo5GB and 10GB10 per yearYes9 Months
ProtonMailFree - Premium
Yes500MB and 5GB5 per accountYes3 Months
Runbox30 Day Trial, $19.95/yearYes1GB to 25GB. Extra purchasable from $9.95/GB100 per account. Extra purchasable from $4.75/5 AliasesYesUnknown - Data is kept after account is deactivated for awhile before being permanently deleted
TutanotaFree - Premium starts at €1.20 monthly or €12/yearlyYes1GB. Extra purchasable from €2 for 10GB.0 Aliases for Free users. 5 Aliases for Paid. Extra purchasable from €1/month/20 aliasesNoNever expires
Yahoo! MailFreeNo1TB1 AliasYes6 Months, plus two months for each year you've owned the account
Yandex MailFreeYes"Unlimited" Starts at 10GB, increases by 1GB as you use itOnly country specific aliases where the service is providedYes2 Years
ZohoFree - Premium starting from $2/user/mth up to $8/user/mthYes5GB to 1TB. Extra storage is purchasable from $4 for 5GBNoneYes120 days, 150 for deletion


FastMail Logo

Fastmail offers 113 domains which users can choose from, while also allowing you to host email services on your own domains as well – so you can run your SEO agency’s main e-mail service on Fastmail and also use alias addresses on their domains for the Whois records of your PBN domains.

Fastmail allows you to host e-mail for 100 domains as part of their Standard or Professional plans.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Fastmail
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Fastmail


Rackspace is a well known cloud service provider, which offers a range of email hosting options including their own Rackspace email product that starts at $2.99 per month. Some of the benefits of Rackspace email are unlimited domains and aliases on all plans, although you need to bring your own domains for all email accounts – there are no shared domains like Fastmail.

Their webmail interface is modern and all plans also allow you to connect via IMAP/SMTP to connect a desktop mail client or your mobile.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Rackspace
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Rackspace


First launched as Hotmail in 1996, this popular free e-mail service has been rebranded several times over the years since being acquired by Microsoft including as MSN Mail and Windows Live Mail, before becoming in 2012. doesn’t support custom domains, so you aren’t able to use it as an MX provider option with LaunchCDN.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Outlook
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Proton is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 at the CERN research facility. The default account setup is free and the service is sustained by optional paid services. As of 2022, it has over 70 million users. The main feature that is so appealing to users is the end-to-end encryption. It guarantees that your emails are safe and can only be seen by you.

You need to have a paid plan with Proton to use custom domain e-mail hosting, and the level of your plan will determine how many domains you can add.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Proton
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Proton


Being located in Norway, Runbox attracted renewed attention in light of the surveillance debate of 2013 and subsequently experienced substantial growth. Runbox allows you to set up email aliases on their domain with their paid email service.

The level of your plan with Runbox will determine how many of your own domains you can add to their service for e-mail hosting, although they also allow you to add extra domains for a small fee.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Runbox
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Runbox


Tutanota is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. The name is derived from the Latin words “tuta nota” which mean “secure message”. Keep in mind, there are no password resets – if you lose the password to this email, you will no longer have access to that account.

To use your own domain on Tutanota, you need to sign up for one of their premium plans – and you can use as many domains as you have space for aliases for in that account.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Tutanota
Forwarding email with Tutanota is currently unavailable.

Yahoo! Mail:

Yahoo! Mail, a web-based email service, launched in 1997. Yahoo! Mail provides four different email plans: three are for personal use (Basic, Plus, and Ad Free) and another is paid-for business use.

Yahoo! Mail doesn’t support custom domains unless you set the name servers to their Yahoo! Small Business service, so we don’t offer it as an MX option for LaunchCDN Domains.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Yahoo! Mail
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Yahoo! Mail

Yandex Mail:

Yandex operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 65% market share. Much like other large internet portals like Google and Yahoo, they also offer a full suite of services including free e-mail.

Yandex allows you to use your own domain at no charge, making them a popular option for hosting email on your own domain.

Aliases outside of country specific domains (eg the same username and are unavailable.
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Yandex Mail


Zoho launched back in 1996 and is a popular competitor to the G Suite from Google, offering Docs and other services as well as e-mail for your own domain name or an address.

You can deploy e-mail accounts for your domain for free on Zoho, which makes them a popular option.

Click here to read a guide on creating aliases with Zoho
Click here to read a guide on forwarding emails with Zoho

Our Recommendation:

We recommend using Fastmail, as you can use up to 100 domains on their service, as well as up to 600 aliases. They also have a wide range of domains that they own which you can use to receive email on. By using their domains, you can create an email alias for each of your PBNs on Fastmail’s domains, avoiding any footprint of linking all of the domains back to you.

Rackspace is a good runner up, with unlimited aliases and unlimited domains. The lack of generic domains owned by Rackspace for email means that all of those aliases need to be on domains that you own, potentially creating a footprint that links all of your PBNs together.

We’re always looking to expand this guide further, so please leave a comment below with any other e-mail services that you use, and we may add them to this list.

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